The Heartland Bible Institute is training and preparation ministry of Heartland Baptist Fellowship. It consists of a four year curriculum based upon a variety of biblical studies and ministry related training courses. While every believer is welcome to attend any or all classes, HBI is designed and offered by HBF as the primary method to prepare and equip men and women who believe God has a calling on their life to full time ministry service.

Heartland Bible Institute serves as an advanced equipping arm of likeminded churches whose mission is to equip the saints of God with Word of God to accomplish the mission of God in the power of God. For this reason, Heartland Bible institute engages experienced pastoral leaders to equip men and women of the church to function as shepherds of God’s people through a structured and orderly curriculum centered in the Bible.

This is a particular educational distinctive of Heartland Bible Institute. Your instructors are committed pastors and lay leaders who are fulfilling God’s expectation on their life. By learning from men such as these, you will be able to gain insight in the ministry that can only be found in a man who is a servant of God. You will gain more than knowledge or status as we invest our lives in you over the next year.