Adult Bible Fellowships at HBF provide a wonderful way for everyone to be involved in the ministry of God’s mission.

Each of our Adult BIBLE Fellowship classes bring God’s word into focus in a unique way that provides everyone a chance to grow and learn. In these classes you can go deeper into the Word of God along with others who seek the same level of Christian walk as you do. The classes are a great way to get to meet new people, become involved in being a part of what God is doing and experience the richness of God’s word in a smaller setting than the main service.

The classes meet at 9:00am each Sunday morning. Come and experience the rich diversity of life found in these classes.

Men’s and Women’s ministry touch lives in ways unique to the needs of men and women with fellowship, prayer, study, and encouragement keys to helping each of us grow.

If you would like more information regarding ways you can be involved in adult fellowship contact the church office.