Every Christian is called to go but not every Christian is called to go full time.  Short term mission trips ranging from one week to one year are great ways to fulfill the great commission to go into all the world to make disciples.

HBF sponsors trips to work with our supported and approved missionaries as well as in other areas and with other ministries as God leads. HBF has three levels or classifications of trips. This is to help you find the type of trip that you are ready for.

  • Level I Trip - any member of HBF is welcome to join on this trip. Level I trips generally include construction trips, discovery trips, or work trips.
  • Level II Trip - To participate in a level II trip you must be completed with Discipleship I. Level II trips are either US based or international trips. Level II trips may include work projects or construction projects but also include Bible teaching and instruction, giving devotions, witnessing, and outreach.
  • Level III Trip - These trips are high level teaching trips and generally the team is made up of select individuals who have skills and abilities related to the purpose of the trip.