Course Credits

Upon completion of four years of training, the student will have received the investment of practical ministry experience, theological training and ministry preparation to serve the Lord Jesus Christ on the field as a missionary or as a pastor of a church. Upon completion of the four year program each student will participate in a graduation ceremony held at Heartland Baptist Fellowship where they will be presented with an official diploma recognizing their work.

Each sixteen week course will require a variety of classroom and instructional hours. When completed, these courses will give the student a resource guide for future ministry work. Each student will be required to complete all tests and term papers in accordance to the rules established by the course instructor. This is mandatory for recognized completion of all Bible Institute courses. All required courses must be completed before a student will graduate from the overall four year program.

Courses taken at the Heartland Bible Institute receive no credit and are therefore non-transferable. No professional status is granted for completing any course or classes. No guarantee for future vocational ministry is offered