As a missionary on deputation you know the road to field will have a lot of detours and you know that God would have many churches stand with you. Heartland is committed to standing with missionaries who are like minded and have a strategic vision to reach and train nationals worldwide to do the work that God has called them to do.

HBF believes the church in America is still a force that can impact the global world with the gospel and the Word of God in such as way that God will be glorified and the Word of God would change lives. The local church filled with trained and capable nationals have the greatest impact in their local area. They know the culture, the language, the hindrances. They have a vested interest in getting the gospel to their neighbors. At the same time the American church can and should be involed in training and discipling at the highest level with the goal of seeing the local people embrace the church as their own.

We know that we are not able to support every missionary but we are willing to invest as God allows for men who see the mission field not a as a extension of their home church but as a way to facilitate the tranforming power of God's word and see the locals take over.

We have two levels of missionary relationship.

Approved missionaries are men that we believe that God is working through and we are interested in their work. For these men we desire to see how God would organically develop relationships between the missionary and our church body. We do this as evidence of the Holy Spirit's direction that our relationships is of God and not man. 

Our church body is encouraged to develop relationships with approved missionaries including praying for them, communicating with them regularly, and finanically supporting them as God leads.

Supported missionaries are men who we have observed that the organic relationship is such that we are compelled to support them finanically from the church's mission budget in addition to any personal support they may be recieving from our members.

If you are on deputation and desire to connect with us, we ask that you contact us to arrange a meeting with the missions pastor as well as complete the biorgraphical form below and mail it to our church. This form will help us to get to know you better as well as give you an idea of who we are too.