If you have a knack for taking care of your home, you can take care of the house of God.

Facilities care covers all areas of service including the exterior of the building, grounds maintenance, and landscaping. It also includes interior care, painting, cleaning, interior design and general care.

Building and Grounds Care

Every building has a need for care and our church building, while only a few years old, has many routine needs to keep it in good operating condition.

Throughout each week, over 350 people enter and exit the doors of our church. This load may not sound like a lot but imagine the wear and tear on your own home is so many people came in regularly. Things are bound to break and we need good, able bodied men and women to keep the place looking sharp.

Keeping the yard in order is just a fact of life and here at HBF we have 20 acres of grass that requires some effort to care for. If you have a green thumb come on down and stick it in the wonderful Missouri soil and help to keep our church grounds looking nice. You’ll enjoy the fellowship of others who share your passion and smile when you see the faces of all those who attend Heartland.

If you are talented in plumbing, electrical, carpentry, really if you can swing a paint brush, we can find a way to fit you to meet the needs of our home.

Anyone that can paint, clean, hang stuff on the wall, keep plants alive, or choose the best colors can be a part of making Heartland a home and a place of refuge.

If you are interested in helping, contact the Facilities Manager: Pastor Steve Fleshman

Contact the Facilities Manager

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