Fun In The Son Wednesday evenings - June to August

Fun in the Son or FITS for short is HBF's summer time activity for ages 3 years thru 5th grade.

Primarily, this summer ministry reinforces and adds emphasis to our Vacation Bible School. This is a much more interactive and game oriented season of ministry for your children. We utilize our 20 acre property for outdoor learning that is very enjoyable for both the children and the adults who invest in your family.

Your kids will have a blast this year as they learn about Jonah and his obedience to God.

Our 2020 teaching weekly emphasis is:

 1) Unit 1:  Jonah runs and hides from God - overall theme is God's omnipresence, and you cannot hide from him.

     a)  Week 1 - Skit will show God giving the commandment to Jonah and Jonah choosing to disobey. It will end with Jonah running and getting on the ship. Snack

     b)  Week2 - Object lesson of hide and seek in field (no where to hide) shows us that God sees everything. Children will craft a telescope because God sees everything near and far. Snack

    c)  Week 3 - Game night - tag, race, simon says, etc. snack

2)  Unit 2:  Jonah becomes whale food- overall theme is that disobedience puts you in sticky situations (consequences of our actions).

    a)  Week 4 - Skit - The storm with sound effects, the drawing of lots, Jonah getting thrown overboard and getting eaten by the whale, main lesson. Snack

   b)  Week 5 - What was it like in the whale’s belly. Object lesson will have a plastic gallon ‘whale’ full of slimy gross things that the kids will get to stick their hands in and feel what it may have been like in the whales belly. Craft - homemade slime (whale guts) or a gallon whale (or both). Snack

    c)  Week 6 - Games go fishing for prizes.  Plus, store and snack

3)  Unit 3:  Jonah repents and obeys - Lesson shows that obedience helps you AND others (gospel centered!)  

    a)  Week 7 - Main lesson and skit Jonah praying and repenting in the whale and being spat out and Jonah going to Ninevah and preaching and the people listening.

    b)  Week 8 - Recap and prayer workshop - how to pray, what it means to pray, and why we pray.  Gospel sharing workshop - How to share the gospel, what it means to share the Gospel and practice sharing. Craft - Romans Road Booklet

    c)  Week 9 - Games night - relay race must pass the baton (Gods word) for each leg of the race. Simon says. Store and snack popcicles?

4)  Unit 4:  Jonah is angry with God- theme heart attitude and contentment

    a)  Week 10 - Main lesson- We see Jonah get angry when God spares Ninevah. God’s rebuke. Snack

   b)  Week 11 - Object lesson on grace or anger. Optional week may be cancelled for VBS.

   c)  Week 12 - FITS party! Cookout - Awards and final store. Finish watching Veggie Tales Jonah

August 26th : BBQ/Ceremony/Overview

You may have noticed how we will be spending 2-3 weeks on each topic, this is intentional. We will be focusing not only on memorizing scripture but also applying it in our day to day lives, with games, crafts and most importantly God’s Word. This is not something you want your kids to miss.

Each evening we will meet in the church building and pump up the worship! We will then enjoy a fun and exciting game that helps us memorize the scripture memory verse we are studying that week. We then have a game time planned that will help us remember the lesson we will be learning that night from God's word

No need to sign up, just show up at 6:30pm and let your kids have some great summer fun as they learn about Jesus! We will end each evening with some outside activities (weather permitting).  The goal that we hope to achieve with Fun in The Son is to help each child grow stronger in their walk with Christ by showing them the same attributes that each disciple possessed. So please join us in strengthening the Lord’s future disciples.  

If you have any questions contact the church office.

Mitchell and Jody Newland are the FITS leaders for 2020.