Fun in the Son (FITS):

Every Wednesday evening in June through August  

Wednesday evenings Children’s Church style of learning, with ages 3yrs-5th grade!  

This summer in addition to utilizing the AMAZING playground we have on our BEAUTIFUL 15 acres, we are teaching a curriculum with a focus on the 10/40 window!

 Specifically, this summer your child will learn of the unreached Aceh people of Indonesia. Please see overview below:  

“The northern tip of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia is home to the people of Aceh [pronounced (ah' chey)-the c making a ch sound, an unreached people group with a population of approximately 3,898,000. As the province is surrounded by water on three sides, the Aceh people are a blend of many races. Throughout Indonesia and the rest of the world, the Ace people are known for their devout Islamic faith. It is often said, "To be Aceh is to be Muslim." The Aceh people take great pride in their adherence and devotion to Sharia Law-the strict law of Islam. Every aspect of their life is based around these laws-from clothing, food, and even to community activities. On December 26, 2004, an undersea earthquake caused a horrendous tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people in the coastal regions of the Indian Ocean. The province of Ace was the worst hit, killing over 130,000 and seriously injuring thousands more. Aceh was devastated-homes were destroyed, businesses were demolished, and families were displaced. This catastrophic event left the Aceh people hopeless. While things will never be the same for those who lived through the tsunami, they have made great strides towards restoration.” 

*For more info on the 10/40 window, a great resource is Joshua Project 

*Check out the curriculum here!  

You’ll find us every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm, located in the “Mighty Warriors” classroom at the end of the Elementary Hallway!  

Our desire is to see each child develop spiritual eyes for the world, so one day they may answer the call on their life to take the gospel even unto the uttermost part of the earth! Acts 1:8.         

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