Fun In The Son Wednesday evenings - June to August

Fun in the Son or FITS for short is HBF's summer time activity for ages 3 years thru 5th grade.

Primarily, this summer ministry reinforces and adds emphasis to our Vacation Bible School. This is a much more interactive and game oriented season of ministry for your children. We utilize our 20 acre property for outdoor learning that is very enjoyable for both the children and the adults who invest in your family.

Your kids will have a blast this year as they learn about the power that bible characters demonstrate that your child will learn to have in their own life.

Our 2021 teaching weekly emphasis Heros and Villains

Date Person Category Power Memory Verse Scripture
June 2nd   David Hero Noble Prov 10:28 1 Sam 17:31-47
June 9th   Goliath Villain Strength Phil 4:13 1 Sam 17:48-58
June 16th   Abraham Hero Obedience Rom 5:19 Gen 22:1-13
June 23rd   Cain Villian Envy Prov 23:17 Gen 4:1-11
June 28th   Vacation Bible School
July 7th   Job Hero Faith Luke 7:50 Job 1:1-22
July 14th   Nebuchadnezzar Villian Haughty Prov 16:18 Dan 3:1-7
July 21st   Ruth Hero Devoted Psa 119:138 Ruth 1:14-22
July 28th   Delilah Villian Sly Prov 14:25 Judges 16:4-19
Aug 4th   Esther Hero /Courage Josh 1:9 Esther 4:11-17; 5:1-2
Aug 11th   Jezebel Villian Ruthless Prov 11:17 1st Kings 21:5-16
Aug 18th   Deborah Hero Authority Prov 11:17 Judges 4
Aug 25th   Fun in the Sun Ceremony


Power meanings:

Power Meaning of Power
Noble  Having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideas
Strength  The quality of being physically strong
Obedience  Submitting to an authority
Envy  A feeling of discontentment
Faith  Complete truth in somebody
Haughty  Arrogantly superior and disdainful
Devoted  Very loving or loyal
Sly  Having or showing a cunning and deceitful nature
Courage  Ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous
Ruthless  Showing no pity or compassion for anybody
Authority  The power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience


Each evening we will meet in the church building in the Mighty Warriors room and pump up the worship! We will then enjoy a fun and exciting game that helps us memorize the scripture memory verse we are studying that week. We then have a game time planned that will help us remember the lesson we will be learning that night from God's word

No need to sign up, just show up at 6:30pm and let your kids have some great summer fun as they learn about Jesus! We will end each evening with some outside activities (weather permitting).  The goal that we hope to achieve with Fun in The Son is to help each child grow stronger in their walk with Christ by showing them the same attributes that each disciple possessed. So please join us in strengthening the Lord’s future disciples.  

You can help by donating the following supplies that will make teaching your children a fun and healthy experience:

  • Solo cups with tongue depressors (helpful for memorization of verses)
  • Rope of various lenths for games
  • A crown
  • Boxing gloves
  • Slingshot with paper balls

If you have any questions contact the church office or email the F.I.T.S. leaders: Brady and Hollie by sending an email below.

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