Passpoint is a teaching and fellowship ministry with a special emphasis on teaching the Word of God, verse by verse, in order to deepen your walk with Christ and commitment towards being His disciple.

The reason for the name Passpoint is simple, we want to exhort and encourage others to devote their entire lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to help in bringing them Past the Point of no return in following Christ.

It’s like what Peter said to Christ, when Christ asked the disciples (after many of His disciples had left following Him) in John 6:67-68, “Will ye also go away”?  Peter replied, “to whom shall we go?  Thou hast the words of eternal life”.  Peter had passed the point of no return.


PassPoint has 4 goals, based out of 1Timothy 4:12-16, for every believer:

  • #1 To be an Example of the believers
  • #2 To be Established in the Word of God
  • #3 To be Exercising your spiritual gifts
  • #4 To be Engaged in the mission