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We only have one chance to make a first impression. This year HBF has invested resources in painting the front of the building, maintaining the mulch and plants at the entry and around the building and keeping the grass and facilities maintained to the best of our ability. We have been in our building for twelve years now and what was once new is starting to show some age.

God has blessed us with a great facility and as stewards of the Lord's resources it is important that we maintain the blessings our Lord has entrusted to us. I have always said buildings, temporary or permanent, are simply clothes for the body. As you can sense that our clothes are growing a bit tighter with the volume of new members and guests it is a wonderful thing to know God is growing his church both spiritually and numerically. With increased traffic, perpetual use and varied Missouri weather, our facilities are showing some wear in places. 

One of those places is the paving stones located at the entrance of the portico. The existing pavers are approximately 10-11 years old and have begun to disintegrate from the water, salt and wear and tear of a decade plus of use. Like our carpet, the pavers need to be replaced. Unlike the carpet, the cost to replace the existing pavers with equal size and style is only $465.00 in material including material delivery. By God's grace men from HBF have offered to donate the labor if we can simply pay to replace the pavers. We have looked at various solutions, but the most cost-effective solution is to simply replace what we already have.

Currently HBF has just over 200 active adult members. If each adult member could donate $2.00 over and above thier regular offering toward the cost of replacing the pavers, the project would be paid for without any burden upon the church budget. There are some who may be able to contribute more and some less. Any gift from fifty cents to $50.00 or more would be a great help.

Any funds raised over the amount needed to install the pavers will be set aside to reseal and stripe the parking lot. I doubt if many of us pray about purchasing a drink at the convenient store, but I will ask you to pray and seek your heart to see if you could spare $2.00 over and above your regular offering to make this project a reality. For the cost of a soft drink you can improve the appearance of the entry of HBF.