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The Invest Women's Study is a monthly bible study group for women of all ages that strives to give women a place to meet others, study, learn the word of God, and find their place in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The schedule is listed below for the fall of 2020:

  • Bible study  September 14th 7:00pm and 17th 10:00am  
  • Invest Fall Fling September 28th 7:00pm  
  • Bible study October 1st, 15th and 29th 10:00am and 12th and 26th 7:00pm   
  • Bible study November 9th and 23rd 7:00pm 12th 10:00am   
  • Bible study December 7th 7:00pm 10th 10:00am  
  • Invest Christmas Party December 21st 7:00pm

The monthly meetings meet in the Library Classroom.

More information about the INVEST Women's study can be found here