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 Life Issues – Addiction Recovery Program

Meets Fridays at 7PM at Heartland Baptist Fellowship, 21203 E. 283rd , Harrisonville MO 64701  

Life Issues is a Christ-centered addiction recovery program whose mission statement is: Helping, saving, and freeing by the Spirit of the Lord (based on Luke 4:18-19) Life Issues is focused on imparting God's wisdom into people's heart and teaching life skills to help break the cycle of sin and keep it from becoming generational.  

Things you can expect from a Life Issues meeting:

  1. Videos presenting Bible truths to combat addiction(s) and overcome temptation(s)
  2. Big group teaching from the Bible
  3. Small group adult support, fellowship, and Biblical counseling
  4. One-on-one sponsor led programs (available upon request)
  5. Monthly testimonies
  6. Childcare
  7. Refreshments  

There is no charge to attend our weekly meetings, or to receive counseling in small groups or one on one. Currently our curriculum is free as well, so all our program will cost you is your time and your heart, as you give it to Jesus. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.   

For more information contact by clicking on his name:

Steve Fleshman , Pastor and Founder of Life Issues (816)896-5621