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11th annual Fall Bible Conference

Every year in September we transform the church into a fully functioning assembly line to assemble as many Bibles or New Testaments as we can and this year is no exception. After eleven years of assembling the Word of God to be shipped around the world the work is still just as vital and just as important.

We need you to register!!!

If you plan to be a part of the Conference we need you to register so we can get accurate counts for child care and food preparation for the meals. we anticipate a very large body of volunteers from HBF and local area churches so its improtant for us to get counts to be able to accommodate everyone. Click the link belowe and register.

click here to register!

Our Bible Conference this year will be a busy one, as we will be assembling 25,000 New Testaments in the Malawi Africa language called Chichewa. This is the first year of a new edition of the New Testament based primarily on the Textus Receptus which is the root translation of the NT for the King James Bible. Its important to note that we have a great challenge to finish 25,000 in the week which we have never had an opportunity to do that many.

The work wll start as soon as the Sunday AM service ends. The service begins at 10:30am till approx 11:45am.

There will also be preaching nightly starting at 6:30pm till 8:00pm, and the labor to assemble will begin again till 10:00pm.

Assembly work will also begin at 8:00am Monday through Friday. Meals are prepared for all workers at 7:30am for breakfast, lunch and dinner is also served for any that are engaged in the labor.

Pastor Mark Trotter of One Baptist will be preaching along with a message from Pastor Brian. The evenings will also have testimony about the significance of the Conference and getting the Word of God to the field.

Lunches will be filling both in nourishment and learing as lunch will be a lunch and learn event with a 20 minute teaching session by both pastors at HBF and Pastor Mark trotter. you will want to be here for lunch.

You can participate several ways:

1. Plan to attend to hear from God through the preaching of the Word.

*  Services Sunday morning 9:00am and 10:30am
*  Services Sunday night at 6:00pm
*  Services Monday through Wednesday evenings 6:30pm untill approximately 7:45pm


2. Plan to be a part of the assembly line work that goes on. There are needs for collating, rolling, checking, glue binding, trimming, and boxing.

*  Work begins right after conclusion of morning service    
*  Break for the evening service at 6:00pm    
*  Work begins again after evening service until 10pm 

Monday thru Wednesday      
*  Work begins at 8:00am     
*  Break for evening service at 6:30pm     
*  Work begins again after evening service until 10pm 

3. Volunteer to help serve the many meals that will feed the Bible assembly crews.

4. Pray

      *  For the work to be completed safely
      *  For the workers to be encouraged
      *  For the ones who will receive the Bibles
      *  For the ministry teams who will distribute the Bibles

5. Donate to the needs of the Malawan ministry. You can take part in donating to the needs of the people in Malawi buy donating the following items which will be shipped by container to the destination. Items needed include: bible study supplies, clothes for all ages, shoes, health supplies (health or dental) and school supplies for the children at the Passion Center for Children a ministry of Mulunguzi Baptist Church. These supplies will go to help the needs of thousands who will benefit by your gift. all of these donates and the New Testaments will be shipped in a seaworthy container:


6. Financially support more upcoming projects by giving now and throughout the year to help fund the Bible distribution projects year round. We still need to raise $8,000.00 to cover the cost of the Conference and the Bibles we will be assembling. Those costs include the paper, the ink, the boxes, the shipping, and any customs fees due at border entry. We have three major projects to work on later in the fall and funds are needed for those Bibles.

* Joe Hendrigsman
* Jamaica
* Heartland Baptist Fellowship for evengelism efforts