Guest Speakers: Erion & Jonida Vogli

Erion and Jonida Vogli are native Albanian believers who were saved in the early 90's after the fall of 
communism in Albania, under the ministry of missionary Jeff Bartell. 

From the early days, God put a desire in their hearts to study the scriptures, to teach them to other 
believers and serve in various ministries at Tirana Bible Baptist Church.

They moved to the US to complete their college education and have served in church planting, Bible 
teaching and training both in the States and in Albania.

Recently God has put in their hearts a desire to take on a new ministry, to produce an accurate translation of the Bible in the Albanian language. After the fall of communism, a Bible translation was done in record time to produce a Bible that Albanian-speaking people could read in their language since a complete Bible did not exist until then. Unfortunately, while that served as a good start, it also had many issues which would be visited later in a revision. The revision done a few years later introduced even more problems and today there is still not an accurate translation of God's word in Albanian.

The Bible translation work begins in September 2021. Alongside the translation of the Bible, they aim to 
produce a dictionary of the Bible, a website in Albanian with the new translation with advanced search 
and study tools, and smartphone applications with the new translation.

Erion and Jonida have two children, Ema and Ezra. 

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