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Editor’s Note: In the coming months, we will be featuring interviews with former HBF members who God has relocated to other locations around the world. In the picture above, Tyson and his daughters at a recent Triathlon.

Tyson Simon, his wife Holly, and their 3 daughters (Abigail, Mia and Grace) are living in Ft. Smith, Ark., where they have been for 4 years since moving from Harrisonville. The weekend of Aug. 25, Tyson participated in a Sprint Triathlon, and two of his daughters (Abigail and Mia) participated in a Kid Triathlon.

Q. Can you share what you and your family have been doing since moving to Arkansas?

A. September will be my fourth year with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). I started out part-time there, and have moved into what I do now, which is multi-area director for FCA for 65 high schools and junior highs, and three universities. Holly is running her own business and home-schooling our three girls. They are into volleyball, dance and swimming. We are members at Central Christian Church and really enjoying our time there.

My Dad (Bernie) and mom (Nancy) are also here and it’s great having them close by. Dad is helping out with our Character Coaches program, which serves as a sort of life coach for specific teams that we work with.

Q. How did your time at HBF impact how you serve the Lord now?

A. When I look at my own spiritual history, I go to Ephesians 4:12-14 and how God put me in different spots at each time in my life to prepare me for what he wanted me to do. Before being at HBF, I spent 3-4 years being discipled by a really great man, where I learned how to study the Bible and apply it to my life. Then when we came to HBF, we had the opportunity to take what we learned and serve in ministry, which deepened my faith and took what I was learning and make it real and applicable. Whether it was being councilors at high school camp, speaking to the College/Careers class or other things, I was able to learn what it meant to edify the body of Christ. The answer to this question could go on forever, but HBF was absolutely the right place for me to be.

Q. What do you miss most from HBF?

A. Many things, but what comes to mind right away was the friendliness of the people. Everyone was so welcoming, and caring about me and my family. I could come in late to service and there were people there at the Connections Center to greet me. There is a lot I miss about HBF, but those times interacting with others before and after service would be right up there.

Q. Anything else you wanted to add?

A. Sure. I would call attention to Jason and Paige McGuire, and for their faithfulness to the ministry there at HBF. Holly and I got to co-labor with them, and to see first-hand how both of them maintained their faithfulness to the ministry and serving others was just something I won’t ever forget. Whether it’s building a barn, working in the children’s ministry or teaching a class, both of them just are great examples of faithfulness.