Dr. Doug Carregher, Director of Armed Forces Baptist Missions and Wounded Spirits PTSD counseling ministry has been visiting our church this week to train us in the word of God so we are better prepared to minister to those military and first responders afflicted by various trama.

It has been a great week thus far as we have been introduced to great new teaching from brothe Carragher. In addition to placeing much attention and investment in to HBF, Doug has been investing in others who have been afflicted with tramatic circumstances.

One of the dearest people I've been introduced to this week through brother Carragher is a woman named Stephanie Wesco. Dr. Carragher has been diligent in caring, praying and sharing the burden of praying for the Wesco family. Stephanie and he eight children were widowed October 30, 2018 while serving as a missionary in Cameron, Africa. Tonight my family was introduced to Stephanie Wesco and her family via video from Doug Carragher's cellular telphone. I recalled the "story" of the Wesco's trial of faith but being introduced to Stephanie this week has really quickened the reality of of Charles and his families sacrificial service.

The story of the Wesco family is still unfolding and our prayers are coveted. I would encourage every saint everywhere to check out the Charles Wesco story and pray that God blesses his memory by working in our life as we consider the value of sacrifical service. I have included a few video clips that are worth watching. Pray for Stephanie and her eight children as they navigate the next steps of faith the Lord would have in their walk with him.