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Congratulation 2022 Heartland Bible Institute Graduates!

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:1

We are so pleased God has seen you through the process of advanced Discipleship at Heartland Baptist Fellowship. Sunday evening June 12th, Heartland Bible Institute celebrated the graduation of five students. Each student enrolled in the fall 2018 class. Each student had successfully completed our discipleship one process and displayed the character of a disciple as they were established in the worship of the word of God, the fellowship of believers, the local church and ministry. After completing Discipleship Two where they learned essentials of God's word so they could more effectively do the work of ministry, they all counted the cost and chose to apply for entrance into our four-year Bible Institute.

Several of the men in this year’s graduating class were mentored by Pastor Jason McGuire who prepared them to "count the cost" of what it takes to embark on the journey of HBI. The journey wasn't easy as they all held down jobs, established marriages, grew their families and ministries while serving with excellence in the ministry. Like a father, I could not be more pleased with the integrity and effort put forth by these faithful men who are much better equipped to teach others also.

These students invested over 750 hours of seat time in classroom study not to mention hours of time spent on homework, tests, assignments and practicum. In their time in HBI they received instruction on Biblical Counseling, Biblical Studies (Manuscript Evidence, Hermeneutics, Life of Christ, Life of Paul, etc.), Children, Youth and Family Ministry, Church History, World Religions & Cults, Missions, Church Planting, Church Administration, Preaching (Homiletics) as well as Old and New Testament studies that covered a large portion of the books of the bible. If you are interested in the courses covered and the requirements for entry to HBI, please go to our website for more information. 

We want to congratulate Chris Coen for earning the highest grade point average and the honor of  class Valedictorian. In addition Mitch Newland was selected by the Instructors to receive the honor of Leadership Award. This year marks the 12th year of Heartland Bible Institute and the completion of our third cycle courses. Pastor Randy Foster has been Academic Dean of Heartland Bible Institute since it was established in 2010. Randy has served faithfully as an instructor and Dean even through his battle with brain cancer.

We were honored to have Pastor Brad McGuire or New Life Baptist of Clinton; Missouri deliver the commencement charge. Pastor Brad was a 2014 graduate of HBI, and church planter sent out from Heartland Baptist Fellowship four years ago.

The list of graduates are as follows.

  • Brady Barnes
  • Raymond Blowers
  • Chris Coen
  • Luke Fleshman
  • Mitchell Newland

We look forward to seeing how God uses them to advance the Kingdom of God and give glory to his name in the time we have left before the Lord's return.