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Please consider helping a family displaced from thier home in Lake Annette from the flooding on Tuesday. God has opened a door through Changed Lives ministry to bring relief to a family of six (Father & Mother, four children) who lost all thier belongings in the flood.

Please bring clothes and small items to HBF Foyer. Coordinate large items and furniture with Shane Watts who can coordinate delivery of large donations to the storage facility for the family.

Things needed.. Boys clothing sizes. 12slim pants med shirts 10reg pants 10 shirts 14 slim and reg pants lg shirts Girl sizes. 14 pants lg shirts Womens .. 18 pants xl shirts Mens.. 34×34 pants lg shirts Also needed.. Soap shampoo hygienic things toothbrushes etc.. Couch.. Bedding.. Towels.. Pillows .. Cleaning supplies .. Tradhbags Anything you can think of for a home