I.N.V.E.S.T. Women’s Ministry Mission Statement Revised: August 10, 2020   

The “I.N.V.E.S.T” ministry has already been an important part of Heartland Baptist Fellowship. Our desire is to take the foundation that has been started and continue to build upon it this year.

2020 Fall Schedule

Here are the (6) goals for I.N.V.E.S.T.  

I ~ To Instill Godly relationships between all the women of HBF
N ~ To Nurture the women of HBF with principles from the Word of God

V ~ To Envison future ministry opportunities for the women at HBF
E ~ To Encourage the women of HBF to get involved in all the ministries of HBF
S ~ To Serve the women of HBF and the other members of the church
T ~ To Train the women of HBF to become teachers and leaders  

We feel these six goals will help us reach the hearts of the women of Heartland Baptist Fellowship. hese principles can be used by women from all walks of life. In each case they may be applied differently but gleaned from the Word of God to strengthen their personal relationships with the Lord, their husbands, children, and whatever their situation is at home.  

Instill means to infuse by drops: to infuse slowly, or by small quantities; as,to instill good principles into the mind. (Noah Webster Dictionary, 1828) Not to overwhelm them  

We will do our best to provide relevant opportunities for women to receive instruction and training that will enhance their relationships in their home.  

The vision we have for the women at HBF is fellowship in the Word of God and ministry. The second vision is for Biblical principles to be taught to the women to help them minister to their family.  

To lift-up, console, comfort, and encourage every woman with the Word of God, fellowship, and friendship.  

We want to serve each other as women and attend to the needs of the ministry of HBF.  

To cherish, educate and instruct the women of HBF to be godly examples in the home, church and in the community.  


  1. Continue to teach Biblical principles and applications to the women of HBF through the I.N.V.E.S.T. Bible Study for the adult women. (Some high school girls have also been attending these studies)  
  2. Continue to have our monthly “coffee” and fellowship at HBF.  This is great opportunity for our women leaders in the church to give their testimony.