R.I.C.H. is a ministry of HBF to maturing saints in the church body, Cass County, and beyond. Maturing saints can easily feel useless and put out to pasture by society and God. God wants these precious souls to know that as long as He gives them breath they have worth, purpose and hope. Their mission is not over according to Psalms 116:15

R.I.C.H.’s mission is  “Encouraging maturing saints of God, to continue the mission of God, in the power of God, to the glory of God.” Where ever they reside they have a field of service, and a call to minister to the lost and saved. They can be encouraged to R.ejoice I.n C.hrist’s H.ope.  Hence the name R.I.C.H. For they, as we, are rich in Christ Jesus II Cor. 8:9

If you are interested in ministering to these seniors and others who are residents in these homes please contact Royal Schlagenbucsh

Contact Royal Schlagenbusch