We currently have three prayer teams you can participate in. They support men on the mission field serving in sometimes very difficult conditions.

Team London prays for and supports Brian and Mindy Clark, missionaires that have been on the field for several years serving in London, England. London is a very large and cosmopolitan city, but it is hard towards the gospel.

Being a crossroads for the world, there are many opportunities to touch many different parts of the world. The Clark’s and their three children have started a church in Chislehurst and making a difference in many lives there. The team meets monthly on Sunday evenings. 

Team Juarez supports missionaries Manuel and Martha Estebane.
Manuel is working hard in Juarez, Mexico to strengthen his church in a city that is quickly becoming a major battleground for illegal drugs and gang warefare. Prayer for this family is vital.

Team India supports Doug and Bethany Pearson in their ministry to reach the country of India and Nepal. Based in a major metropolitan city on the coast of India, Doug and Bethany reach people by loving them and making friends with them everywhere they go. The team meets regularly for prayer.

Contact the Missions Pastor, Randy Foster if you are interested in any of the prayer teams.

Contact the Missions Pastor