Endurance Ministry Teaching spiritual and physical endurance to the lost and saved alike through active participation in running. Goals:

1. To make a connection between spiritual and physical endurance. 

2. Encourage each other to endure spiritually and physically through the hard times. 

3. Train other believers physically to reach the lost spiritually through running.

4. Train to run a 5k 

Dates: Every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday (August to November)

Time: 6pm-8pm

Location: The building behind the main church at 21203 East 283rd St Harrisonville MO

Contact Heather Borntreger or contact the HBF church office.


What should you expect:

First thing you should know is that this is a progressive program. Meaning all exercises are built on the things learned each week.

Every evening starts with simple exercises.

Then the real fun begins:

Walkers, for the first three weeks walk 1 mile. Then the next three they walk 2 miles, the last two weeks are the most fun because you begin to see how strong you truly are after all the work you’ve put in and you begin to walk 3.1 miles.

Runners work in minutes instead of miles for the first 6 weeks then work in mile measurements for the remaining 5 weeks. Every evening ends with stretches, a quick Q&A and a short devotion.

(It is important to know that all exercises and stretches are designed to help strengthen and stretch key muscles to prevent injuries)

 Whats the Goal? To get you running or walking your first 5k in eleven weeks. And to get you in the habit of exercising.


**The 5k we have chosen for this session helps support 3 different Orphanages in 3rd world countries**