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 What is the King’s Mighty Men?   The King’s Mighty Men is an annual retreat designed to help equip and empower fathers and their sons to set key landmarks in their lives and focus on what it means to be a man of God.  

A true man of God looks like, loves like, and lives like The LORD Jesus Christ.    

This three-year endeavor encompasses three annual retreats and provides young boys and fathers with an opportunity to learn what a true man of God is according to the word of God. This is accompanied alongside other young men and fathers, in order to build a fellowship that will bolster our fortitude to accomplish God’s will for us.    


Where: 21203 East 283rd Street Harrisonville, MO 64701 , the camp will be west of HBF on on E 289th Street.

When: April 14th, 15th, 16th

Who: Father (or other male guardian) and son/nephew/grandson. Preferably 1 adult male to 1 male child.
Cost: $75 per adult and child pair.

Questions/information: contact  

What you need to know  The first King’s Mighty Men retreat for fathers and sons will focus on truth, wisdom and integrity. To keep costs to a minimum and provide a fun time for the young boys, each father and son will camp in tents much like in biblical times over the course of two nights. The retreat will begin at 5pm on Friday, April 14th and end at 3 pm on Sunday, April 16th. The camp is just a few miles west of HBF. The cost is $75 for each father son pair. Meals will be provided, but fathers will be responsible for bringing tents and all bedding. (Please secure a tent for this event. A two-person tent is recommended). A full packing list for the retreat will be sent to your email. Each day will include fun and engaging activities for the boys, campfires, and instruction through the word of God.

Each year will focus on a distinct aspect of what it means to be a man of God. It is designed to provide significant time for fathers to spend one-on- one time with their sons in the fellowship of other godly men. This fellowship is also meant to help create and deeper community and accountability within the Body of Christ.  ·         · 

Year One (2023) - Truth, Wisdom, and integrity 

Year Two (2024) Courage and dedication 

Year Three (2025) Purity and faithfulness   


Why are we doing this?   The LORD God seeks to accomplish His mission through the family to redeem the lost, put down sin and bless those who invest in the Kingdom of God. Within the LORD’s plan for the family, God Almighty has sovereignly created a beautiful picture of Christ and His church in how He has structured the roles of the husband and wife. Men have the sobering responsibility to lead their wives, their children, and others as God directs. The man is to be an under shepherd to lead others by carefully following Christ. However, Satan has doubled down on destroying this picture of Christ in the home and the leadership role that God has given to men.