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The Invest Women's Study is a monthly Bible study group for women of all ages that strives to give women a place to meet others, study, learn the word of God, and find their place in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.


We meet Monday at 7:00pm and Thursday at 10:00am. We understand that some people can not make the evenings, and some can't make the mornings. So we have given you both oppotunities to attend. If you can't make one, no worries you can hear the same message at the very next meeting on the same week.



  1. Continue to teach Biblical principles and applications to the women of HBF through the I.N.V.E.S.T. Bible Study for the adult women. (Some high school girls have also been attending these studies)  
  2. Continue to have our monthly “coffee” and fellowship at HBF.  This is great opportunity for our women leaders in the church to give their testimony.

September 28th Fall Fling Party 7:00pm

December 21st Christmas Party 7:00pm


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