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Fun In The Son Wednesday evenings - June to August

Fun in the Son is our summer Wednesday evening program, and we have some awesome fun planned for any child able to join us!

There will be two classrooms running on Wednesday nights through the summer:

  •      Children ages 1-4 Will meet in the Sonbeams classroom and be learning all about Creation.
  •      Children going into K-5th will meet in the Mighty Warriors room and will be diving deep into the Bible to find the Heroes and Villains of the Word!
  •      Children going into 6th and up will join the Youth Ministry and will meet in the south modular.


So please bring your children, grandchildren, neighbors, and friends to Fun in the Son!

All children that come will also be getting a FITS T-shirt free of charge.


Areas of prayer:

  •      We could always use some extra hands-on Wednesday nights, we need helpers to help keep the classes running smoothly.
  •      We are continuing the FITS Store, and need to replenish our stock of items for children to earn points to "buy". Children can earn points for the store by showing up, learning memory verses, having good behavior, bringing their Bible to class, and more! If you are able and willing to help here is a link to an amazon list of requested items. Feel free to purchase and bring to church at your earliest convenience. 

Amazon list:


We cant wait to see you on Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm!


Our 2021 teaching weekly emphasis Heros and Villains

Date Person Category Power Memory Verse Scripture
June 2nd   David Hero Noble Prov 10:28 1 Sam 17:31-47
June 9th   Goliath Villain Strength Phil 4:13 1 Sam 17:48-58
June 16th   Abraham Hero Obedience Rom 5:19 Gen 22:1-13
June 23rd   Cain Villian Envy Prov 23:17 Gen 4:1-11
June 28th   Vacation Bible School
July 7th   Job Hero Faith Luke 7:50 Job 1:1-22
July 14th   Nebuchadnezzar Villian Haughty Prov 16:18 Dan 3:1-7
July 21st   Ruth Hero Devoted Psa 119:138 Ruth 1:14-22
July 28th   Delilah Villian Sly Prov 14:25 Judges 16:4-19
Aug 4th   Esther Hero /Courage Josh 1:9 Esther 4:11-17; 5:1-2
Aug 11th   Jezebel Villian Ruthless Prov 11:17 1st Kings 21:5-16
Aug 18th   Deborah Hero Authority Prov 11:17 Judges 4
Aug 25th   Fun in the Sun Ceremony


Power meanings:

Power Meaning of Power
Noble  Having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideas
Strength  The quality of being physically strong
Obedience  Submitting to an authority
Envy  A feeling of discontentment
Faith  Complete truth in somebody
Haughty  Arrogantly superior and disdainful
Devoted  Very loving or loyal
Sly  Having or showing a cunning and deceitful nature
Courage  Ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous
Ruthless  Showing no pity or compassion for anybody
Authority  The power or right to give orders, make decisions and enforce obedience