Getting The Word To The World On Time

As 2017 winds down we are reminded of the importance of time! We recently received a letter from Evangelist Bob Weston in Jamaica sharing of all the open doors the Lord has provided in Jamaica. The devastating hurricanes that have crossed the Atlantic and Caribbean have served to tenderize the hearts of the people of Jamaica and Bob has been busy sowing the seed of God's word!

In April Heartland Baptist Fellowship sent 1000 bibles to Jamaica. They were assembled in our 2016 Bible Conference the previous year. The fall of this year at the 2017 Bible Conference held in September Heartland included another 1000 bibles in our production to refresh brother Bob Weston's need.

Bob recently wrote and then followed up with a telephone call letting us know he was out of bibles and his Christmas outreach is just around the corner. Bob needs more bibles and Word First Bible Publishing just shipped them on Thursday December 7th by God's grace!

Word First Bible Publishing appreciates the support of Hearltand Baptist Fellowship, Midtown Baptist Temple and Harvest Baptist Church of Blue Springs for giving to te Lord to make sure this project can happen!

By God's grace we will increase production of Jamaican bibles to 2000 in 2018. Pastor Randy foster is creating a new website for Word First Bible Publishing that should be ready to launch soon.

Wherein I suffer trouble, as an evil doer, even unto bonds; but the word of God is not bound. 2 Timothy 2:9